Corporate Profile
Who we are
CHM Solutions is a wiring harness manufacturer that specializes in custom harness solutions. It was established in 1989 and is located in Silverton, Pretoria.
Our vision is
  1. to understand the needs of the customers as well as the market place;
  2. to deliver the best possible service in terms of price, product and quality; and
  3. to develop our human resources and offer them a safe, secure and challenging place to work and grow. 

Our mission
“To be the leading supplier of custom harness products and solutions to the South African industry through integrity, technological innovation and outstanding service.”

What we do
With inception, the main focus was to supply wiring solutions to the automotive and refrigeration industries. An entrepreneurial attitude helped us to greatly expand the product line over the last few years, and we now cater for other industries as well.  We are currently supplying electrical system solutions to fleet management, fuel management, vehicle tracking, security and mining industry companies. Constant innovation is a passion for us and we will always look for something unique to add to our product offering and customer requirements.
Superior quality is an important priority, therefor all components are sourced from approved suppliers nationally and internationally.  Modern machinery with cutting edge technology is used in the production and assembly processes, and all final products are tested through electronic diagnostic tests to maintain the required level of quality. 
"CHM is ISO 9001:2008 certified."
As the name states we specialize in “custom harness manufacturing” according to any drawing, spec or sample. 
CHM provides cutting edge solutions through the process of concept and physical design, electrical simulation, validated design, harness layout, engineering and manufacturing.